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Know the Causes of Low Hb in Pregnant Women and How to Overcome It

What exactly causes low Hb in pregnant women? This is an important question, because a decrease in Hb levels often occurs during pregnancy. In addition, low Hb levels are prone to cause complaints and health problems in pregnant women. Hb plays a role in binding and delivering oxygen throughout the body, including the fetus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), normal Hb levels for pregnant women are around 11 grams / dL. Low Hb levels should receive special attention to reduce the negative effects that can occur. Causes of Low Hb during Pregnancy During pregnancy, a decrease in hemoglobin levels that continues to become anemic is associated with a number of conditions, such as an increased risk of maternal death, premature birth and low birth weight babies. The causes vary, ranging from diet to certain medical conditions. The following is the explanation: Malnutrition Lack of iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 can be a cause of low Hb levels during pregnancy. This
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The Little Affected By Cat Scratches, This Is The Way To Handle It

When playing with cats, it is not impossible for your baby to get scratched. If this happens, Mother do not panic first. Take appropriate steps so that your Little One avoid the dangers that may occur due to cat scratches. Although it looks simple, if not handled properly, cat scratches can cause bacterial infection Bartonella henselae. Therefore, you need to know how to properly treat cat scratches. How to Treat Cats Scars If your baby is scratched by a cat, you need to recognize the type of the wound first. The following are the types of wounds caused by cat scratches and their handling: 1. Scratch cat scratches that do not bleed If your baby is scratched by a cat but does not bleed, after washing your hands, you can take the following steps: Leave the cat scratch marks under the tap for about 5 minutes, then clean the skin affected by the cat scratch with soap. Do not rub cat scratch marks, because it can cause bruises on your baby's skin. If you see cat dirt or fur st

Don't Miss the Benefits of Yogurt for Pregnant Women

The distinctive taste of yogurt which is slightly sour and refreshing, can be a snack choice for pregnant women. But did you know that pregnant women, in addition to being delicious, yogurt also has health benefits? Yogurt is a processed milk made through bacterial fermentation. This fermentation process causes yogurt to have a unique taste and texture. The content of yogurt is considered to have many health benefits, including maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Recognize the Benefits of Yogurt Yogurt contains various nutrients that are beneficial when consumed during pregnancy: Meet the needs of calcium Yogurt contains many nutrients, such as vitamins B2 and B12, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Regularly consuming yogurt is beneficial for mothers because of its high calcium content. In addition, yogurt is also beneficial for the formation of baby teeth and bones. Low-fat yogurt (low fat) can be a choice for pregnant women, because it contains higher calcium than milk